Why Is Cable So Expensive? What Can You Do To Save Money?

Cable prices are too high. At $105 per month for the average cable bundle, it’s more expensive than a cell phone plan and some electricity bills.

But have cable prices always been this high? According to a report from Kagan, the price of cable has increased by 74% since 2000. A multi-channel TV package cost $60 per month in 2000 (adjusted to 2017 dollars), but the same package has risen to nearly $100 right now.

Couple that with stagnant wages during that time and you’ve got a much bigger chunk (almost double) of your income going to cable bills.

No wonder everyone is cutting the cord.

According to Tivo’s Q4 video trend survey, high prices were the most common cause of dissatisfaction among pay TV users. 83% of unhappy users said that price was the cause of their unhappiness.

For cord cutters, the numbers were even higher. Over 86% of cord-cutters have done so because of the price. With all of the streaming options available, it’s tough to justify the cost when we don’t even watch most channels.

You would think cable companies would be adjusting to the new trends and decreasing their prices. Instead, the prices increase and the customer service remains terrible. The extra money is going to the pockets of the people at the top of these companies.

What can you do?

Still paying the high bills for cable? Ready to cut the cord but not sure how to do it?

With all of the options available on EZ Stream Media Players, it makes them one of the best options for anyone considering finally kicking cable to the curb. Choose from thousands of apps, or choose the nearly unlimited options in the EZ Stream Media Center.

With our cable cutting packages, you can stream all of your favorite content and watch live local HD channels with our HD Antenna. It’s perfect if you’re wanting to cut the cord completely.

If you have cut the cord, you can check out our articles on how to save on your Internet bill and how to maximize your WiFi signal so you get the most out of what you’ve got.

We hope these tips help you.

Take back control of your streaming and your wallet. Join millions cutting the cord.

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