6 Ways To Save Money On Your Internet Bill

The EZ Stream Ti8 can save you tons of money on your cable bill. But what about the Internet portion of that bill?

Your Internet speed and signal strength are two of the most important factors in streaming. But is there a way to cut costs without sacrificing speed?

Today we’re providing some tips on how to lower your Internet bill, without lowering your speed.

Negotiate Your Current Plan

There’s nothing worse than a bill that continues to increase. Internet costs, much like cable bills, rise for many different reasons. Some common reasons for an increase in your bill are promotional periods ending, miscellaneous fees, price hikes for infrastructure updates, and the list goes on.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) most likely want to keep your business, so threatening to go elsewhere if they don’t match an offer could help with negotiations. When you call and speak to your ISP, you’ll want to bring up several things that can also help to negotiate a lower price:

  • Current monthly bill amount
  • Monthly bill amount when you signed up
  • Amounts and reasons for any bill increases
  • Length, to date, of your subscription
  • List of any service issues you’ve experienced
  • Competing plans and sign-up bonuses in your area
  • Sign-up bonuses your current provider is offering

Broadband Now offers a guide on how to negotiate with call center employees when calling your ISP. It’s very helpful.

Even if there’s no competing ISP, it can help to cite your stellar payment record and length of subscription to help lower the price. This can save a big chunk of your monthly Internet bill.

Buy Your Own Router

We’ve mentioned this option in another article on how to increase your WiFi Signal.

Many times your ISP charges you for renting their equipment. It’s usually around $10 per month just for using their router. Plus, rental costs have increased by up to 30% in previous years, so that cost is likely to increase.

Purchasing your own router can save you money and leave you with a higher quality device.

Make sure to get one that’s compatible with your ISP. If they don’t have a list of compatible routers online, you can call them and ask which routers they recommend.

Check Your Speed. Are You Getting What You’re Paying For?

The goal of this article is to help you save money without cutting speed. But this solution does help highlight a big problem with ISPs.

It’s actually really simple to do. Just go to speedtest.net and click the “Begin Test” button. Compare that speed to the speed that’s listed on your bill.

If the speed is not close to what you’re paying for, you can call and ask for a discounted rate. If they’re not able to provide that, you can make sure they fix your speed so you’re getting what you pay for.

Check on Subsidies

Not many people know that these actually exist. Government programs have existed for quite some time to help make Internet affordable for those in need.

Even broadband giants like Comcast offer programs to help with the cost of good Internet coverage.

Head over to Everyoneon.org to see what types of offers exist in your area.

In some areas, coverage can be had for qualifying individuals for as little as $9.95 per month.

Check the Competition

There’s definitely a monopoly problem when it comes to ISP options.

However, there are some areas that offer lots of competition among ISPs. High-speed low-cost Fiber options are also popping up all over the country.

Broadband Now also offers a comparison tool to help compare the prices, coverages, and options available in your area.

Check for Deals

ISPs often offer deals for new and existing customers. Always check to see if you qualify for any special pricing.


There are options for lowering your Internet bill without compromising your speed. Of course, one of the best options for cutting the cord is the EZ Stream Ti8. Cable costs aren’t going down, so if you haven’t cut the cord it’s probably time.

Have you lowered your Internet bill without decreasing the speed? Let us know what worked for you!

Happy Streaming!