Time To Run the Updater? Another Way To Tell

Last week, we wrote that it’s time to run the updater if you’re still seeing the Exodus add-on in Kodi.

But, that’s not the only way to tell!

This week, we’ll highlight another way to tell if it’s time to run the updater.


When you open Kodi, one thing you’ll notice is the scrolling feed at the very bottom of the page.

We’ve highlighted it in this picture.

It can be hard to see if you don’t look for it, and many times when you go into Kodi, you launch into whatever add-on you’re using very quickly.

We recommend giving Kodi a second to load up, and making sure you’ve run the Updater app since the date that’s listed on the feed.


The feed does not go away once you’ve run the EZ Stream Updater. It will still display the date of the last update and whether or not it was mandatory.

This does not mean you have to run the EZ Stream Updater again. It’s simply there to make you aware of the last update.


The EZ Stream Updater app is extremely effective in making sure your streaming add-ons are updated.

Many customer service calls that we get can be solved from running the EZ Stream Updater.

Always make sure to run a fresh install on mandatory updates.

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