Ti8 PLUS Features: Double the Storage!

32 Glorious Gigabytes of Storage!

Double the size of any box we’ve ever released.

What does that mean?

It means more room for you to customize your streaming experience with apps and add-ons.

It means better streaming quality and help with buffering.

You may ask how more storage can help with that?

Well, you’d have to look at what gets put on the storage on your box.

What’s included on the EZ Stream Ti8 PLUS box’s Internal Storage


Every app you install will go on your EZ Stream box’s internal storage. Not only the app itself, but any settings or local information as well. In many cases, the actual app can be dwarfed in size by all of the extra junk that it accumulates over time.


Especially if you’re using the Media Center, this can take up a lot of space. Thumbnails are the the small images that you see on the screen for album artwork and screenshots. If you’ve uploaded movies and music to your device, storage for these can add up quickly.


Even if you’re streaming, the media files will use storage space to buffer the file. Buffering gets a bad reputation among Kodi and Media Center users, but it actually performs a useful function. If there’s an interruption or slowdown in your network transfer speed, buffering will help to ensure you don’t see that interruption in your stream. In many programs, the amount of the media files that you buffer will change automatically. More storage can help minimize buffering.

How does it compare?

Most devices don’t include anywhere near the storage that we do. The Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV include only 4.5 GB of available internal storage. The Roku Ultra includes no Internal storage, only allowing a Micro SD card for additional storage (which of course is included in the Ti8 PLUS as well).

What will 32GB of storage hold?

2700 Apps & Games

5600 Songs

8000 Photos


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