How to Stream Super Bowl 52 Without Cable

This Sunday, it’s finally happening! Super Bowl 52 will determine this year’s NFL Champion!

It’ll be a sad day for all of us football fans, since it means the end of the football season. But hopefully it ends with a great game.

Hundreds of millions of people will be watching, and you can be one of them, even if you don’t have cable!

We’ll show you some of the best options for streaming the Big Game!

First some information on the game itself:

Date – February 4th, 2018

Location – Minneapolis, MN

Time – 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Broadcast Network – NBC

Teams – Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots

Now, onto the streaming options!

HD Antenna

This is the best option by far, because this will give you the highest quality stream. The over-the-air stream is not compressed like a cable stream. That means the game, and the commercials, will be broadcast in crystal clear HD. If you don’t have an HD Antenna you may be missing out on some great streaming options. Not only can you watch the Super Bowl, but you can watch tons of live local news and TV shows too.

NBC Sports App

Since NBC has the broadcast rights to this year’s Super Bowl, this app will be streaming the game. Usually it does require a TV provider login, but last year FOX waived that during the Super Bowl. Hopefully NBC will follow suit this year and not require the login. It’s worth checking out.


The NFL app will stream the game for free this year. If you want to get it from the source, the league itself, then this is a great option. If you’re really watching for the commercials (we feel you) you may not want to choose this option. You may not get all of the same commercials depending on the individual sponsorship arrangements for each app.

Streaming Services with Local Affiliate Coverage

Services like Hulu with live TV, SlingTV, and YouTube TV offer live local channels depending on your area. You will have to check to make sure your area is included. You can see what areas are for Hulu HERE and YouTube TV HERE. These apps do require a subscription fee, so if you want to stream without any added costs, this may not be the best option. However, almost all of these services offer a free trial period that you can cancel at any time.

So those are the best options for streaming Super Bowl 52. We definitely recommend the HD Antenna option because of the ease and everything else that comes with an HD Antenna. Whatever you choose, we hope you watch the Super Bowl and enjoy every second of it!

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