How Rescanning for Channels on your HD Antenna will Ensure Better Streaming

HD Antennas are some of the most valuable devices in streaming. They offer so much live, local content, they’re a huge piece of any cable cutting strategy.

Recently, there have been some changes that may make you want to rescan to ensure you have the most channels.

Why do you need to rescan for channels on your HD Antenna?

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) held an auction recently to sell off many of the frequencies that Over the Air TV stations use to broadcast. Cell phone carriers are the main buyers of these frequencies. They use them to send and receive mobile data across the area. These cell phone carriers need these frequencies so much that they’re paying over $100 Million in some cases.

If your local Over the Air station didn’t pay big bucks for these frequencies (in most cases they didn’t) they will be moved to a different frequency at some time between now and 2020.

What will happen if I don’t rescan?

If you don’t rescan, your antenna will be trying to receive data from the old frequency that’s now transmitting mobile cellular data. You won’t have any picture or sound on that channel.

 Can I find out when my local channels are switching frequencies?

Yes, you can! Enter your zip code in the web site linked below. The site will give you a list of all of your local channels and when they are changing frequencies.

The site is

How do I perform a channel scan on my TV?

All TV’s have different menu layouts, but most of the time you’ll click either menu or settings and click on Setup or Input, Click on Channels and then click on Scan. Some TV’s may give you an option to Auto Tune which will work as well. Again, every TV is different, so if you do get stuck consult the owner’s manual for your TV.

Will I have to rescan more than once?

We’ve checked it and looks like most of the major areas will be switching channels on the same day. However, you may have a couple of channels that will change on different days. It makes sense to rescan a couple of times to ensure you’re picking up the new channels.

We hope this helps make you aware of what’s changing and how it can impact your streaming habits.

The good news is, with our HD Antenna, you’ll already have the new frequencies available so rescanning shouldn’t be a pain at all.

Happy Streaming!

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