Why You Should Upgrade to the Ti8 PLUS

If you are reading this article you likely have either a Ti4 or Ti4 Mini EZ Stream (Element) box. We’re very happy that your device is still working properly and are proud that the extra attention to quality we put in has helped keep these devices working for 4+ years. We are extremely happy that our devices helped you save thousands of dollars over the years and that you’re a part of the EZ Stream family!

The Ti4 boxes run on the Android 4 operating system, also known as KitKat. The switch from Android 4 to Android 5 was a major update that changed many things in Android. Long story short, Android 5 made it much easier to develop applications and included many things in the operating system that the developers now don’t have to create from scratch.

When Android 5 first came out 99% of developers still coded their apps to work on both Android 4 and 5 because 5 was so new and there were still so many devices running Android 4.

As Android is mainly a mobile operating system, the average life of an operating system is two years, which is the normal life cycle of a cell phone. Since Android 4 is well over 2 years old it is considered a legacy operating system and only a very small percentage of developers are including the necessary extra coding to make their apps work on Android 4.

What does all of this mean?

What this means is many developers have stopped developing apps for these versions of Android. These apps will not be updated anymore and may stop working at some point soon. This also means that many new apps will not be compatible with the Ti4 boxes.

What does this mean for the Media Center and the Updater app?

The Media Center and EZ Stream Updater app have tons of moving parts, modules, dependencies and code versions that all have to work correctly in order for everything to work. Since the release of the Ti5 we had to create two versions of our updater. One for Android 4 and one for Android 5+. We also had to create two separate Media Center apps as the newer version is not compatible with Android 4.

We have spent hundreds of hours maintaining both of these different versions to help keep all of our devices up to date and last as long as possible. However in the past few months a large percentage of all of the inner workings of the media center and many of the addons are not supporting Android 4.

We have been trying as hard as possible to find patches and fixes for many of these issues. This has led to almost 2 week delays in releasing new updates as both updates need to be pushed out at the same time.

It is with a heavy heart from everyone at team EZ Stream that we need to announce that we will not be updating the Media Center or pushing updates to the Ti4. Spending weeks trying to find patches and fixes has started to bog down our future development of the latest Media Center.

Your device will still work for a certain amount of time, however over the next few weeks and months things will start to break. Unfortunately less and less developers are making there add-ons compatible with older versions of the Media Center and will no longer work.

What can I do to keep enjoying everything EZ Stream has to offer?

At this time we are offering our family of loyal EZ Streamers the opportunity to upgrade to any of our Ti8 PLUS packages for $15 off with FREE shipping in the United States. We would recommend the Air mouse package so you can use the Qwerty keyboard and back-lit buttons!

You’ll get one of the FIRST Ti8 PLUS boxes available. With all of the new features, bells, and whistles. It’s a win-win! Get the latest blazing fast streaming machine WITH a big discount!

Use the code upgrade15 at checkout!

This is a Pre-order for the Ti8 PLUS box. Boxes will ship in 3-4 weeks.

We hope that you understand that we have done our best and put in as much time necessary to keep these older units running as long as possible. But technology moves fast and we have to continue to evolve with it.

Thank you for being part of our great family and for your loyal support! There are many great and new things on the horizon and we want you with us to experience them first hand!


Team EZ Stream