How To Make Searching Even Easier!

If you’ve ever searched for anything in the Media Center app, you know it can be very tricky sometimes.

You have to enter everything right otherwise what you’re looking for may not show up.

Well, we’ve got a tip that can make searching for content much easier.

And…we’ll show you the quick, easy steps to set it up. It takes two minutes.

Let’s get started.

Your screens may look different, but the steps are the same.

Open the Media Center app.

Click on System

Click Add-ons

Click on search

Search for auto or autocorrect.

Click on the first link

Click on Install. We’ve already enabled it here, so you don’t see the install button, but it will be there.

Now, when you search, it will look like this.

You can click on any of the bubbles above the text to fill in the search area. It’s much easier!