How To Install The New Version of The EZ Stream Updater

The latest update is here!

What makes this update so great? CLICK HERE to find out.

Follow the instructions below to install it!

Prior to starting the update process please follow the below listed steps. This will ensure a clean update. DO NOT SKIP THESE STEPS!

– Go to Settings, then Apps, then FTMC/Media Center/Kodi.
(If you have a Ti4, go to Settings, then Other, then More Settings, then Apps)

– Click on Kodi, FTMC, or Media Center and then click Uninstall and confirm.

– Open your Web Browser App. That is the one with the Icon of a Globe of the Earth or WWW. On the address bar at the top, erase the address that is there and type in

– If you typed the address correctly you will see a small pop up that says “Starting Download.” If you get a Pop-Up Window, just click Browser Always.

– Press the Home button on your remote to get to the home screen of the unit.

– Click on “My Apps”

– Click on App installer

– Click on Local Disk

– Let it search for the program.

– Click on the EZ Stream Updater App
(If you have downloaded previous versions of the Updater please make sure you are clicking on the newest one. It will end with “ez_v37-signed.apk under EZ Stream Updater if it has a number next to the file name click the one with the highest number next to it.)

– A pop up will appear. Click on install and let it install.

– Once it is done installing click on Done and move on to Step 1

​1. Open the EZ Stream Updater App.

2. Click on Update Media Player to install the newest version of the Media Center.

3. Allow the Media Center to download.

4. Once the Media Center has finished downloading, click Install. Allow the Media Center to install.

5. The EZ Stream Updater App will bring you to where you will choose the version you want to install. Choose the Adult or Family Friendly version of the updater.

Important – The Family Friendly and the Adult Version contain all of the same add-ons. The  only difference is that the Adult version has add-ons installed that offer adult content. There is no reason to install both.

6. Allow the version to install. Please note that this can take a while to install completely. It depends on many factors like your Internet speed and the traffic on the server from other users installing the update.

7. Once the Updater app has installed the latest version, the Media Center will open and you’ll see the new set up.

IMPORTANT!!! – Once you are on the Media Center home screen, allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes and install any updates. Failing to do this can cause issues with the Media Center. Please do not skip this step.

​8. Once you have closed the Media Center properly (Clicking on the Power icon at the bottom of the screen and allow it to close on its own.) you will notice that the icon for the media center has changed. This is now the icon that you will click on to open the Media Center App.

Again, the K “icon” won’t be on the home screen anymore. It will be replaced with the Media Center logo.

That’s it! Enjoy the new update!

Happy Streaming!