Customer Service Changes Happening – Effective 5/31/2018

From day one our goal at EZ Stream was to provide the best customer support in the streaming world. We feel as well as thousands of other customers that we have achieved that goal. However in the past year we have run into some issues that are hampering our customer service. Android and many app developers have started to view the Android 4 operating system (Ti4, Ti4 Mini) as a legacy operating system and have stopped developing for it. CLICK HERE for more information on how this affects the EZ Stream Ti4 and Ti4 Mini Streaming Media Players.

We did an internal audit of our customer service system and phone calls and found that almost 60% of customer service inquiries were for Ti4 boxes. Of those 60% of customer service inquiries, 75% of them were calling to do updates that we sent out instructions for in numerous emails, on our support page and on our Facebook page over a year ago.

Based on these findings we as a company have to make some changes in order to move forward and provide the best level of support. We realize that some customers will not be happy about this decision, but as a company we need to prioritize customer service for customers with newer devices. We cannot move forward as a company and provide exceptional customer service if 60% of our time is dedicated to units that are between 3 and 5 years old.

Many of our customer service tools, programs and apps are starting not to work with the Android 4 operating system. We are having to spend almost three times as long on a call for an Ti4 compared to a Ti5 or Ti8.

The computer chips that are in the Ti4 boxes were not designed to work with Android 5 or higher. Therefore we cannot create a new firmware that will update these units to a newer version of Android.

As of 5/31/18 we will not be providing phone based customer service for any Ti4 or Ti4 Mini units. WE WILL still continue to offer email, chat and Facebook Messenger for all of these devices. We still want to provide support as much as we can, however we cannot sacrifice the level of customer service for users having real problems and instead allocate our resources to doing updates on older models.

Our Customer Support Page

Over the next month we are going to be adding even more information and support articles to our already robust support page. This information will be focused on the Ti4 boxes so that our customers can receive a high quality customer support experience without having to call.

Do I have to upgrade to the Ti8 Plus?

The answer is no and yes. As we stated previously these boxes will continue to work, but certain apps will start not to work in the near future. One of these apps is the Media Center. The majority of the developers for programs are stopping development on the version of code that we used to create the Media Center. We are having to create a new version of the Media Center based on this new code that is not compatible with the Ti4. As this happens we will no longer be able to push out updates for the Media Center on these devices.

While you do not have to upgrade to the EZ Stream Ti8 Plus, it is highly recommended. The EZ Stream Ti5, Ti8, and Ti8 Plus will receive the latest version of the Media Center and continue to receive regular updates. So if you have enjoyed the EZ Stream experience, enjoyed saving money and have enjoyed our customer service it makes sense to upgrade to our latest and most powerful device. We would love to keep you as a customer.

Replacement Parts and Repairs

We will not be ordering any new replacement power supplies or remotes for the Ti4. Once we are out of stock for these items we will be taking them off of our website.

Our current terms of sending in out of warranty units to have the firmware reflashed will remain the same. The customer will pay to ship the unit to us and for return shipping.


We realize this may be disappointing to some customers and we get it. But if you are reading this on a cell phone that is less than 2 years old or a computer running Windows 10 you get it as well. Your Ti4 box will still continue to work as normal, but over time certain apps will stop working as the developer stops supporting it.

If you have a Ti4 box you’ve probably had at least 3 solid years with it and it has saved you several thousands of dollars or more on paying for cable. We hope you’ve enjoyed the savings during that time.


  • EZ Stream Ti5, Ti8, and Ti8 Plus owners will still receive phone support
  • EZ Stream Ti4 and Ti4 Mini owners will receive email, chat, Facebook and website support, but not phone support
  • The new version of the Media Center will only be compatible with the Ti5, Ti8, and Ti8 Plus
  • The Ti4 Media Center WILL still work, but will be unable to receive updates. So when programs within it die there will be no way to fix or replace them directly from us.
  • You’re not being forced to update, however, if you want to receive the latest features, updates, and apps as well as phone based customer service we would highly suggest that you upgrade to the EZ Stream Ti8 Plus

You can use the coupon code that you received in the email to upgrade to the EZ Stream Ti8 Plus with $15 off for a LIMITED time. Use the code upgrade15 at checkout.