Air Mouse Remote Tips and Tricks

Lots of people find the air mouse remote very helpful in navigating their EZ Stream Android box. The air mouse function is great, and the QWERTY keyboard makes searching much easier.

There are some tips and tricks that we think are very helpful. We wanted to share some of those with you.

Air Mouse Remote Shortcuts In Kodi

Did you know that the QWERTY keyboard has shortcuts you can use while streaming in Kodi? These shortcuts make streaming even easier!

Here’s a list of the buttons on the keyboard and what functions they perform while streaming:

C – Shows add-on information. Also, when scrolling over a movie, clicking the letter C brings up movie information and even trailers.

Space – Pause/Play on your stream. Click once to pause, click again to resume play.

F – Fast forward. The more you hit the F key, the faster it will go.

R – Rewind. The more you hit the R key, the faster it will go.

P – Play.

I – Information on the movie.

M – Pulls up the Kodi menu which shows play, pause, FF, Rew, sound options, etc.

O – Codec information.

Z- Zoom.

A – Audio offset. This will help sync the audio and visual of the stream you are watching. Can help if the two are not matching up. Click ESC or back to remove audio offset menu from screen.

ESC РMoves the stream to the background and allows you to browse the add-on for other streams.

Recalibration for “Drifting” Remote

This happens sometimes with our version of the air mouse remote. You will notice that the arrow “drifts” to one side. It’s frustrating, so here’s a simple way to fix it:


Wake up the remote (press any button).
Place the remote keyboard flat on a surface.
Keep HOME + OK buttons pressed (as shown in image) until the LED light at the top of the remote starts blinking.
When the blinking turns off the calibration is complete.
The drifting should now be gone.

Disabling “Hibernation Mode”

The remote will sometimes go into hibernation mode after a certain amount of inactivity.

This is easily disabled by holding the “cursor lock” button (shown below) for three seconds.

That same button can be used to turn on the air mouse function if you do not see it on your screen.

Changing Cursor Sensitivity

You can change the sensitivity or speed of the cursor on your EZ Stream Box. This helps as sometimes the remote cursor moves too quickly for easy use. Follow the below instructions depending on which type of EZ Stream box you have.

EZ Stream Ti4

From the Home Screen, click on Settings > Other > More Settings > Language and Input > scroll down to the bottom to Pointer Speed > you can raise or lower the sensitivity of the cursor from there.

EZ Stream Ti5 & Ti8

From the Home Screen, click on Settings > under Preferences go all the way to the right to More Settings > Language and Input > scroll down to the bottom to Pointer speed > you can raise or lower the sensitivity of the cursor from there.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

If your remote isn’t responding properly, there’s another troubleshooting trick that can help.

Unplug the remote USB dongle from your EZ Stream box. Unplug the EZ Stream box from the power supply. Insert the USB dongle for the remote into the other USB slot. Plug back in the power supply for the EZ Stream box. Let the box reboot and it should work properly.

We hope that these tips help with using the air mouse remote. Have any additional tips? Email us at to let us know!

Happy Streaming!

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