How To Watch The NBA Finals Without Cable

We hope it’s not too late for this guide.

The first two games of the series are over and the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves down 2-0 against the Golden State Warriors.

But we think Lebron and the Cavs have something left in the tank, and as the series shifts back to Cleveland, we hope to see them claw their way back into the series.

With that being said, here’s how to watch the Finals even if you don’t have cable.

When are the games on?

What Channel is airing the NBA Finals?


What’s the best way to watch?

HD Antenna

Luckily since it’s the Finals, the games are being broadcast on a major network. This year ABC is carrying the games.

If you have one of our high quality HD Antennas already, all you have to do is find your local ABC channel and start streaming!

You’ll be satisfying your basketball Jones in no time.

The best thing about the HD Antenna is that you’ll be streaming in crystal clear HD with absolutely no monthly fees!


Streaming Services

You can also stream the NBA Finals by using a live-streaming TV service such as Hulu LiveDirecTV NowPlaystation VueSling TV, or YouTube TV. In many markets around the country, streaming packages from these services include free broadcast channels like ABC.

Many of these services offer a free trial as well. Just remember to cancel before the trial ends. They range from $20 to $40 per month depending on the amount of channels and the package chosen.

Listening options

Some people prefer to listen to games. For those of you out there, the easiest way is through the ESPN app. There’s a “Listen” link at the bottom of the app that takes you to ESPN radio. There you can listen to a stream of the game.

What do we recommend?

We definitely recommend the HD Antenna streaming option because of all that it offers. Live, local HD channels with NO monthly fees!

We also recommend that the Cavs win some games…but that’s another story.


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