How To Use Your Phone To Control Your EZ Stream Media Player

Android TV offers lots of options for integration.

It’s one of the reasons we love the platform so much.

And…we all know how remotes work.

They seem to sprout legs and walk away. It’s like there’s a magnet in the remote that draws it to the crevasse in the couch.

So…because we all seem to always know where our phones are…we can use them as the remote!

This works for Android and iPhone!!

That’s a big deal!

This only works for the EZ Stream Media Player.

Ok, so how do you do this?

First, download the Android TV app from either the App Store or Google Play

It’s the app with the logo shown below.

When you have the app downloaded, open the app.

When you open the app you’ll see options for devices that the remote can be used with.

Choose the “Android TV” option.

You’ll see a PIN show up on the screen of your TV. Enter the PIN in the app on your phone.

Then tap PAIR.


That’s it!

You can use your phone as the remote. You’ll never suffer from the anger of lost remote syndrome. It’s not recognized yet, but it is real.

You can control your device AND use the voice search function on your phone.

We hope this helps.

Happy Streaming!