Kodi TV Box

Kodi Builds: Why We Don’t Recommend Them

We all love the latest and greatest. We hear about a new Kodi build, it has a cool screen and a cool name, and we have to have it. Not so fast! These builds are very inconsistent and not always compatible with our box. Sure, they may work great for a couple of weeks, but

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E-Z Stream Updater Tips

We developed the E-Z Stream Updater to make things easier for owners of our Element Android TV Boxes. Easier set up for you means more time to stream and less headaches involving the setup of Kodi. We have heard from you that it does make things easier, which really makes us happy! The E-Z Stream

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Ti5 Update Available

On the launch screen you will see a message that an update is available. Click “YES” to start the download now. If you did not click yes, click on “MY APPS” and click the “OTA Updater” app. Click on the “Available updates” tab to start the update process. Click “DOWNLOAD” to begin downloading the update.

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