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Why Is Cable So Expensive? What Can You Do To Save Money?

Cable prices are too high. At $105 per month for the average cable bundle, it’s more expensive than a cell phone plan and some electricity bills. But have cable prices always been this high? According to a report from Kagan, the price of cable has increased by 74% since 2000. A multi-channel TV package cost $60 per

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Update on Connecting Real Debrid

Real Debrid offers a great service for providing better quality streams. You can learn more about it HERE. Recently, there have been some changes in how to connect your Real Debrid account. We wrote in a previous article, how you can connect your Real Debrid account through the tab in our Media Center shown below.

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Ti8 PLUS Features: Double the Storage!

32 Glorious Gigabytes of Storage! Double the size of any box we’ve ever released. What does that mean? It means more room for you to customize your streaming experience with apps and add-ons. It means better streaming quality and help with buffering. You may ask how more storage can help with that? Well, you’d have

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