SkyStream TV Streaming App Review

There are lots of apps available right now for streaming Live TV.

Each month, we’re going to start reviewing apps that offer either Live TV or on-demand movies and TV shows.

The first app we’re going to review is from our friends at SkyStream.

SkyStream TV offers a fantastic array of Live TV streaming and On-demand choices.

Let’s take a look and see why you should check it out.

Easy, Unlimited Live TV!

A standard SkyStream TV subscription offers over 65 channels for a flat monthly fee of only $35.

This subscription allows you to watch on one device at a time, however, it doesn’t limit the number of devices on which you can install the SkyStream TV app.

If you want to stream on multiple screens at once, it’s easy. For an extra $5 per month you can watch on up to 5 screens at once. It’s really an incredible value. Everyone in the house can be streaming unlimited live TV for only $40 per month.

And that doesn’t have to on TV screens. SkyStream TV is available on many devices.

Available devices are:

  • iOS phones / tablets
  • Android phones / tablets / Android Set Top Box
  • All Amazon Fire devices
  • Roku TVs

They’re constantly expanding the available devices and will be adding Xbox and Apple TV very soon.

The app is not yet available on the Roku public store, but Roku users can add SkyStream TV by logging in to their Roku account and following the instructions HERE.

SkyStream TV does require that you login from a “main device” to purchase the subscription. This must be a set top box (like an EZ Stream Media Player), Roku, or Amazon Fire device.

Once you connect to that device, you can use other mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to stream. All you have to do is download the SkyStream TV app on that device and use your login to start streaming.

Something for Everyone

SkyStream TV has one of the most diverse channel offerings of any streaming service. There’s something for everyone in this lineup.

If you’re a sports lover like me, you’ll love the ESPN channels offered, including ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPNU, and ESPN Classic. They offer tons of football options on the weekends, and lots of other sports every night. The local channel options like FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC also provide options for sports lovers.

There’s also no sports blackouts with SkyStream TV. If the event is on a certain channel, it’s going to play. No annoying channel changes due to blackouts.

Like Reality TV? SkyStream TV has you covered there too. Options like E!, A&E, Bravo, and HGTV provide more options than you can keep up with.

The options go on and on for all types of movies and TV shows. SkyStream TV offers value that many other streaming services can’t match.

Premium channels are also an available add-on with SkyStream TV. This channel package includes two Cinemax channels, two Showtime channels, and four HBO channels. This is more premium channels than offered by most streaming services. SkyStream TV has gone above and beyond to offer an impressive amount of premium channels. The premium channel package only adds $25 per month.

Premium channels included:

  • Cinemax
  • MoreMax
  • HBO
  • HBO2
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Signature
  • Showtime
  • Showtime Extreme

Tons of Features!

Live TV is great, but what if you miss one of your favorite shows? Not to worry, you won’t miss out with SkyStream TV.

50 Hours Cloud DVR

Every SkyStream TV subscriber gets 50 hours of Cloud DVR included! There’s no separate storage device required to access the Cloud DVR. Once you’ve added a show or movie you can pause, fast-forward, and rewind, so you don’t have to watch any commercials. It’s a super convenient way to catch up on and watch your favorite movies and shows.

7 Day Replay

Did you forget to record your favorite show or movie? Not a problem! SkyStream TV allows you to watch everything that’s aired in the last 7 days…on every channel. We found this was a great feature. It’s very reliable and allows you to watch new shows that you might not have added to the DVR yet.

There’s even a search feature so you don’t have to spend extra time finding the content you’re looking for. Like the DVR option, when you watch a show with the 7 Day Replay you can fast-forward through the commercials. This saves a substantial amount of time. You now have more time to stream more Live TV!

In case you’re curious just how much content that is…it’s a lot…

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! We found that the SkyStream TV service offers many options for a very reasonable price.

You can add more screens and more premium channels to customize your experience, and there are tons of features like Cloud DVR and 7 Day Replay included at no extra charge.

Unlike other services that charge certain users more for streaming more content, SkyStream TV doesn’t limit the amount of streaming. You can stream all day and all night without any extra charges.

The best part?

You can try SkyStream TV FREE for 7 days!

Click HERE to start your trial.

The app also works great on the EZ Stream Media Player. Get yours today for a fantastic unlimited streaming setup!

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