Find Your Favorites Easily! How a Trakt account can help.

Have you heard of Trakt before?

Trakt keeps track of what you watch in Kodi/FTMC. It’s a great way to keep up on what you’re watching.

It happens to us all the time, we’re watching a great show, flying through the episodes (We all need something to do on Sundays!). When after a little while, we forget what episode we’re on. It takes a while to remember exactly where we are, and it kills all of that binge-watching momentum!

Well, Trakt is a way to eliminate that problem.

It’s free and it’s easy to use!

Follow the instructions below to set up your Trakt account in the Covenant add-on. It also works in the Genesis Reborn add-on.

First, go to to sign up for a free account. Click on the “Join Trakt for Free” button and follow the prompts.

Once you have the account set up, go into the Kodi/FTMC media center. Click on the Covenant Add-on.



Now, click on Tools.

Click on SETTINGS: Accounts

Click on Trackt authorization.

You’ll now have to enter the code given into the URL provided.

Go to the URL provided: It will look like the screen below.

VERY IMPORTANT: Use the browser on another device. DO NOT use the browser on your EZ Stream box.

Click continue once you’ve entered your code.

You’ll see the confirmation.

Once that’s done your Trakt account is connected to the Covenant Add-on.

You can now click on “My TV Shows” or “My Movies” to see the list of options.

Anything with the “T” logo to the right of the option chosen will be related to Trakt.

If you hover over the name of a movie or tv show and hit the “menu” button (the button with three lines) on your standard remote or the “c” button on your keyboard, you will see the menu that allows you to add shows to Trakt.

Here’s a breakdown of what the different sections in Trakt can be used for:

  • Collection/TV Collection – This is exactly like the Kodi library integration, except it syncs with your Trakt account and works across multiple add-ons.
  • Watchlist/TV Watchlist – Your watchlist lets you add and keep track of shows you aren’t watching yet but have an interest in.
  • Featured/TV Featured – These sections automatically pull the featured movies and TV shows from the Trakt website, giving you an idea of things you might be interested in watching.
  • Movie/TV/Episode Lists – From within the add-on, you can add shows to lists and name them. For example, add movies to a Horror playlist or classic TV shows to a classics playlist and view them here.

It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve watched and haven’t watched.

We hope this article helps!

Happy Streaming