Speedtest App Update

THIS IS NOT MANDATORY. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PERFORM THIS UPDATE. The speedtest app by OOKLA is a useful app for making sure your Element box is getting the right speed. It can diagnose problems with your WiFi, router, or service provider. The speedtest app is on the home screen of the box. It

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Another Great Review of the Ti5 from Kodi Tips!

Interested in the Element Ti5? It’s our latest and greatest streaming device! Koditips is one of the best, most trusted sources for information on Kodi. Check out the review they did on the Element Ti5, they’re even offering a giveaway! Showcase: Element Ti5 Review, Features  

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5 Tricks to Get the Best Reception from your HD Antenna

HD Antennas are an integral part of the cable cutting package. They allow you to stream all of your live local channels in crystal clear HD. The Over the Air signal from an HD Antenna is not compressed like it would be on a cable or satellite stream. This means that the picture is a

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