Cast Your Favorite Apps To Your TV!

If you’ve ever used a Chromecast, you know how handy it is.

Since a lot of us watch things on our phones all the time, the Chromecast allows you to “cast” what you’re watching from your phone to your TV.

Pretty great right?

Except, if you don’t have one, they’ll set you back $30-$40. It probably won’t break the bank, but it’s inconvenient.

If only there was a device that had this feature built-in already.

If only….

Wait, that device does exist! The EZ Stream Media Player!

It’s got built-in Chromecast!

It’s really easy to use too.

Follow the instructions below to use it.

It’s really only ONE simple step.

On your phone or device…look for the cast symbol. It looks like this.

Tap that icon.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a list of devices. It will look something like this.

Choose the device you want to use.

With the EZ Stream Media Player, unless you’ve changed it, it will be called “Android TV”.

That’s it!

Sit back and watch your favorite apps on your TV!

This does require you to be logged into the app you’re wanting to use (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)

HINT: Netflix can be downloaded from the Media Center Updater app.


This is just one of the many features of the EZ Stream Media Player. Stay tuned for more!

Happy Streaming!

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