Add-on Changes – Some Kodi Add-ons No Longer Working

For many of you who’ve used the Kodi Media Center, this is nothing new.

It’s the nature of the beast. Add-ons are created, they work great, they stop working so great, then they disappear.

This can happen for many reasons. The developers decide to stop working on the add-on, they’re pressured to stop developing it by outside forces, and others.

Unfortunately, this happened with the Phoenix add-on, a reliable streaming add-on that’s been around for a while. It also looks like SALTS and cCloud are gone too.

We don’t run, host, or administer any of the add-ons on the box so we can’t control when things like this happen. But we will do our best to provide other alternatives.

The great thing about the Kodi environment is that usually as add-ons go down, new ones are developed that take their place. We’re working now to find new streaming options.

We want to make sure you have the best streaming experience possible. Stay tuned for new updates in the E-Z Stream Updater.

As for other topics that seem to be going around, we recommend that you not believe everything you read online. Lots of articles are written for traffic and not to provide the truth about what’s actually happening. Many untrue rumors get spread very quickly because of this.

For now, try using¬†some of the other add-ons available. Test them out, see what they do, and choose the ones that work best for you. We’ll keep you posted on what we’re working on.

Happy Streaming!


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